Everyone who  works at, is a customer of, or just visits EDD ALLEN MARINE SOLUTIONS, is an avid boater and fisherman. It only made sense to offer our friends and customers the very best equipment, gear, and installation service that was available. We strive to make our customers happy, make them feel secure as they partake in their outdoor passions, and we do so by stocking our shelves with brands like Lowrance, Airmar, SHARK, SternSaver, Transducer Shield & Saver, SCOTTY, Blue Sea Systems and so many more. We offer expert installation of all the products we sell, be it basic or custom. While we honor MSRP and MAP guidelines, we guarantee to save you money when we do your installations.

Always feel free to reach out to us by (voice/text) 559-916-9145 or email eams@comcast.net, or messaging us from our FaceBook page, facebook.com/marinesolutions .